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Young Zoe in LA- California Ballin’


I would like to take the time to Thank God for the recent trip I took to California. It was truly a blessing for which I am grateful. While on business, God made a few other dreams come true as well. In between my interviews and performances, which is a dream itself; I was able to visit the walk of fame and go to a Heat/Lakers game. Can you say blessed?! I have always been an avid basketball fan and a fan of LeBron James, (shout out to LeBron!) so to be able to actually go to a game was truly humbling. To be able to understand, you got to know where I come from. How I grew up. I came from nothing but a mother who loved me and taught me how to praise God. So I STAND FIRM on the promises of God and I’m hustling to get ahead. Every day is a hustle. Whether you’re a stay at home mom, a big city exec, or a homeless person on the street you are hustling trying to make it to tomorrow. And we will make it; because we’re all hustlers by nature. ~ YZ~Hu$tler By Nature LLC


The video is from a few clips and pictures of my journey. The song playing is California Ballin’ from my 1st released CD Young, Black, & Gifted. Available on my shop page along with other music and merchandise. (Streams available on iTunes and other platforms as well.) STAND FIRM and follow your dreams.  Please subscribe to my YouTube channel.


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